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Integrate AI in minutesAI in minutes not months
Use our JavaScript/TypeScript SDK or our REST API to integrate complex AI, anywhere, in minutes.
1import { fetchTeampilot } from '@teampilot/sdk'
3const response = await fetchTeampilot({
4  launchpadSlugId: process.env.LAUNCHPAD_ID,
5  message: "Look up current news at and send me a summarized version to my email as an audio podcast.",
6  cacheTtlSeconds: 'forever',
9const message = data.message.content // "Done, sent you the podcast to your email, enjoy."
Integrate All YourData SourcesData Sources
Effortlessly link your data sources with Teampilot. Our platform supports a variety of pre-built integrations, including databases, Zapier, and HTTP APIs. Additionally, leverage Hosted Functions to connect virtually any data source using TypeScript.

Let the AI executeexecute something

We provide a wide set of functions that can enhance the capabilities of the AI to perform tasks like searching the web or generate/manipulate images.

Build Your OwnOwn FunctionsFunctions

With our Function Designer, you can develop your own custom functions in TypeScript/JavaScript. We take care of the build pipeline and hosting, so you can focus on building you product. Just like regular JavaScript functions, your custom functions can receive inputs, perform any process, and return outputs directly to the AI, enabling limitless possibilities.
Function Designer Screenshot
Integrate Teampilot Launchpads into ZapierZapier
Teampilot is the easiest way to integrate AI workflows into Zapier automations. For example you can use this to respond with personalized messages to your customers.
Zapier Screenshot

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