Webposter Lab

Unique AI generated posters tailored to your website - By Pau Kraft

Meet Webposter Lab, a fun and creative open-source web project that turns any website into a unique poster. It's like a movie poster, but for your favorite websites. Webposter Lab crafts a visual representation that mirrors the vibe of the site.

Webposters: Bringing Websites to Life

Ever wondered what a website might look like if it were a movie poster? That's what Webposters are all about. They're a visual interpretation of the website's content, transforming it into something you'd want to hang on your wall.

A Quick Look at Some Webposters

Check out some of the cool Webposters we've generated for different websites:

Astro Build exampleDiscord exampleSodefa example

Why We Chose Teampilot

When starting with Webposter Lab, I had to consider several options for AI services. I needed something that could look at a website, get a feel for it, and generate a poster that fits its vibe and whatever it's about.

One of the options i considered was a combo of OpenAI API and Replicate image generation. The idea was to use OpenAI to get a description of the website and then use Replicate to turn that description into an image. It sounded cool, but it also meant a lot of wiring up in the code.

That's when Teampilot AI, a project I'm a part of, came into the picture. It had everything i needed in one tool, which made the development process a breeze. I built a "launchpad" in Teampilot, played around with it (still in Teampilot) until i was happy with the results, and then hooked it up with the code via the Teampilot API.

Choosing Teampilot helped me streamline the process and focus on building the web experience.


In the end Webposter Lab is a fun project where i needed a somewhat complex AI workflow to generate the posters. Teampilot made it easy to build and integrate the AI part, which allowed me to focus on the web experience and the fun part of generating the posters. It is far more intuitive to build the AI workflow in Teampilot than to code it from scratch.

Teampilot is the best way to buildbuild scalable and powerful AIAI powered experiencesexperiences and featuresfeatures.