Olaf Explains

Fully automated Twitter account that explains events from history - By Pau Kraft

Introducing Olaf Explains, a unique and fully automated Twitter account that provides daily insights into historical events. Narrated by none other than Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor, these tweets not only educate but entertain, presenting history with an amusing twist.

History Through Olaf's Eyes

Each day, Olaf Explains provides a detailed Twitter thread about a significant historical event that happened on that date. The tweet begins with a brief explanation of the event, followed by a thread delving further into the details. Each tweet is accompanied by an AI-generated image that depicts the event, with the amusing twist of featuring Olaf Scholz's face on the main character.

Example Image

Example image

The Magic Behind Olaf Explains: Teampilot AI

The entire process, from generating the tweets to creating the images, is fully automated thanks to Teampilot AI. All powered by a single "launchpad".

Initially GPT generates the content of the tweet. However, since GPT isn't always accurate in counting characters, I implemented a custom function that validates tweet length, ensuring each tweet adheres to Twitter's 280 character limit. If the test fails, GPT will rewrite and retest it until it passes.

After the tweet has been generated and validated, our AI creates a fitting image for the event using DALL-E 3. The AI then adds a final touch by swapping the main character's face in the image with a pre-uploaded image of Olaf Scholz.

Why Teampilot Was a Perfect Choice

When conceptualizing Olaf Explains, I needed a tool that could handle multiple AI tasks effectively. Traditional methods would have required integrating multiple APIs, such as OpenAI for language model, OpenAI's DALL-E for image generation, and Replicate or HuggingFace for face-swapping AI. This would've meant a lot of code and signing up for multiple services.

Teampilot, however, offered a more holistic and streamlined solution. With Teampilot's single "launchpad", I was able to combine all these tasks into one cohesive workflow. This made the development process not only more manageable but also more efficient. With Teampilot we have one main AI (GPT) who controls the flow and ensures that everything succeeds. For example it could be that the DALL-E image generations fails, or it doesn't have a face prominent in it that we could swap. We would've had to handle these cases manually if we used multiple APIs, but with Teampilot we can just let the AI handle it.


Olaf Explains is an entertaining blend of history and humor, all powered by cutting-edge AI. It's a testament to the creative potential of artificial intelligence and a showcase of the power of combining multiple AI tasks into a single, efficient workflow.

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