AI-Powered Real Estate Insights and Market Analysis - By Enis Zejnilovic, Julian Hubatsch

PropRate OG

What is PropRate?

PropRate is a groundbreaking meta-search engine designed to rate all active real estate listings on the market. By scanning major portals with a single click, PropRate reveals trends and hidden gems, empowering property hunters with instant insights. Our unique PropRating system evaluates properties based on location, price, and potential returns, providing a solid foundation for smart investment decisions.

AI Features powered by Teampilot

We integrated advanced AI features into our platform using Teampilot. These features have significantly enhanced our ability to provide comprehensive insights into real estate trends across various cities in Germany.

  1. Market Report Generation: Leveraging Teampilot, we generate high-quality market reports based on millions of property data points. These reports analyze parameters such as location, value development, price trends, and yield, resulting in data-driven, accurate, and timely insights. One of the standout advantages of using Teampilot is the seamless creation of high-quality reports that are virtually indistinguishable from those written by humans, ensuring they rank highly on search engines. We've effortlessly generated reports for all major German cities. For an example, check out our Market Report for Cologne, which is 100% AI-generated by Teampilot, fed with real data. Market Report OG

  2. AI Quick Summaries: We added an "AI Short Info" button that summarizes property listings into their most interesting key points with a click of a button, all powered by Teampilot. This feature allows users to quickly grasp the essentials of a property listing without having to read through extensive details. Teampilot's built-in caching plays a significant role here; we only have to pay for the generation of summaries once per property, as Teampilot caches the results. This means we don't have to build our own caching system or create database entries, making the process incredibly cost-effective and efficient. AI Short Info

Why We Chose Teampilot

At PropRate, we needed a robust AI solution to analyze and summarize vast amounts of property data from multiple sources. After evaluating several options, we chose Teampilot's AI Backend as a Service for its unparalleled efficiency and advanced capabilities. Here’s why Teampilot was the perfect fit for us:

  1. Data Privacy and Compliance: Developed in Germany, Teampilot ensures GDPR compliance, and all features we use are hosted in the EU. This is crucial for us, as data privacy is a top priority.
  2. Exceptional Uptime: As a business customer, reliability is key. Teampilot has delivered exceptional uptime, unlike some other services that experience frequent outages. We haven't encountered any uptime issues with Teampilot, which is essential for our continuous operations.
  3. Direct Developer Support: One of the standout features is the ability to directly communicate with Teampilot's developers. This ensures that the quality and speed of support are exceptional, as you don't have to go through non-technical support staff.
  4. Built-in Zod Schema Validation: Teampilot ensures that the data conforms to specified formats, reducing the need for additional validation layers.
  5. Intuitive Configuration: The setup process is user-friendly, simplifying the management of complex AI workflows compared to other solutions like the OpenAI API.
  6. Reusable Launchpads: The efficient (re-)use of launchpads streamlines project initiation and facilitates consistent deployment of AI models.
  7. Support for Complex Workflows: Teampilot enables the integration of multiple AI models and data sources to generate comprehensive market reports.
  8. Advanced Capabilities Beyond LLMs: While Teampilot is powered by LLMs, it offers enhanced features such as integrated data sources, hosted functions, and custom workflow capabilities that significantly extend the functionality and utility of AI models. This sets it apart from just using LLMs alone and provides a robust business solution that ticks all the boxes for data privacy and compliance.
  9. Autonomous Prompt and Model Configuration: One of the most beneficial features of Teampilot for us, is the control it gives our content and marketing departments over AI prompts and model selection. Not only can they adjust prompts directly within the Teampilot web app without involving developers, but they can also easily switch between different language models (LLMs) to find the one that best suits our needs. This flexibility and ease of use have made it possible for our teams to experiment and optimize our AI features without any coding, significantly speeding up the iteration process and enhancing our ability to adapt to market changes.


Teampilot has proven to be an exceptional solution for PropRate, offering unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in generating insightful real estate analyses. Its advanced algorithms, seamless integration, and robust validation features have optimized our workflow, ensuring the reliability and relevance of our reports. This empowers our users with the critical insights needed to make confident, informed decisions in the dynamic real estate market.

We highly recommend Teampilot to any developers looking to integrate AI solutions into their projects. The high quality and effectiveness of our market reports are a testament to the advanced capabilities provided by Teampilot, setting it apart from just using LLMs like GPT-4. Moreover, Teampilot’s outstanding data privacy, exceptional uptime, and EU hosting make it an invaluable tool for any business. The ability to directly communicate with Teampilot's developers further enhances the support experience, ensuring quick and efficient resolutions to any queries. With Teampilot, we can focus on building and launching fast, while knowing that all our data privacy and compliance needs are taken care of.

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