How to Implement an AI Sales Assistant to Boost Your Online Store's Revenue

Discover the step-by-step guide to integrating an AI Sales Assistant into your online store to enhance customer interactions and drive sales. - By Pau Kraft

πŸ“ˆ Boost your sales and cut support costs with your own πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» AI Sales Assistant. Easily create and embed a highly customizable AI Sales Assistant on any website using Teampilot's powerful suite of tools. Enhance customer interactions and drive revenue effortlessly. Here’s how:

Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing an AI Sales Assistant

1. Setting Up Your Account

First, you need an account and a team at Teampilot. For some features, you need beta access, which you can enable here.

2. Creating a New Launchpad

After setting up your account, start by creating a new "Launchpad" at this link. The most important part is the System Message.

3. Configuring the System Message

Here you can give the AI all the information it needs to know who it is and what it is supposed to do. Plus, you should give it a brief summary of what your company does.

system message system message

Remember to always click on Save if you changed something (if the button is disabled, everything is already saved, so you only need to click it when it is clickable).

system message

4. Using Vector Collections

Adding your entire FAQ into the System Message has lots of problems like cost or, depending on how big it is, a needle in the haystack situation. ✨ That's where Vector Collections come in. You can create one here.

vector collection

Now you can add your entire FAQ into the Vector Collection. Remember, "Text" is the part the AI can search for, so in our use case, this should be the Question.

vector collection

✦ Pro Tip: Open up a new chat, activate all Vector Collection functions, and tell the AI to add your FAQ for you. If you already have a FAQ, just copy and send it to the AI and tell it to add it. If not, tell it to ask you questions for a FAQ that you then answer and then tell the AI to add it.

vector collection

5. Activating the FAQ

If you've populated your FAQ Vector Collection, go back to your Launchpad and activate the Find and Search Vector Collection functions, so the AI can access it. It's recommended to edit your System Message to tell the AI to always use the FAQ.

img img img

✦ Pro Tip: Add the ID of the Vector Collection to the System Message, so the AI doesn't need to look it up all the time. You can find it at the end of the URL when you're on the details page of your Collection.


6. Adding Date and Time

πŸ•‘πŸ“… I would also recommend adding the current datetime, so the AI always knows what time and date it is.


7. Custom Functions

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» To give the AI capabilities like checking the Order Status or interacting with your Backend, you can code your own functions and deploy them as Hosted Functions directly in Teampilot. Read more here.


✦ Pro Tip: If you can't code yourself, the AI can. Just open up a new Chat, send the AI the boilerplate code (the default code in a new hosted function), and tell the AI what you want. Then just copy-paste the code into your hosted function and click save.


8. Greeting Customers

To give your Customers a nice πŸ‘‹ Welcome, open up the "Description and Greeting" section in your Launchpad. Here you can add the Assistant's Greeting (the first message from the Assistant) and a few recommendations of what your Customers might ask (we recommend adding 3).


9. Giving Customers Access

πŸŽ‰ Now that you have successfully set up your Sales Assistant, we can give your Customers access to it. Open the "Access Control" section. Then make your launchpad Public and click on save.


Two Options:

  1. 🌐 Embed on Website: If you have a Website, you can directly embed the Sales Assistant into it as a Widget in the bottom right corner.


To add the Widget, just copy the Widget code and add it to your Website's HTML. Read more here.

img img

  1. Direct Link: If you don't have a Website or just don't want to add it as a Widget, you can give your Customers access to your Sales Assistant directly within Teampilot. To do this, just copy the "Link" in the Access Control section and send it to your Customers.


10. Final Customizations

πŸ₯³ And that's it! This is all you need to do to create your own AI Sales Assistant. ☁️ But the sky is the limit; you can go ahead and further customize your Sales Assistant as much as you want. You can improve its System Message or add more Vector Collections, for example, for your Products so the AI can look them up. Or give it access to more functions. We have a large collection of pre-built functions for you to choose from, or you can code your own.


Try It Out

If you want to try it before setting it up, you can chat with the Example Sales Assistant here.


With Teampilot, creating an AI Sales Assistant for your online store is easier than ever. Follow these steps to enhance your customer interactions and drive revenue effortlessly.

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